LAN party – what is that?

i’m by no means an expert, but i can give you an idea what they are all about.

some guy-friends get together for the weekend. these guys…
…hook all their computers up into a network (aka – local area network, LAN)
…play lots of shoot-em-up games.
…eat lots of junk food.
…sleep minimally.
…drink beer and pop.
…eat the occasional fruit. usually bananas or clementines.
…don’t worry about hygiene. they DO worry about maximizing gaming time.
…most importantly – have wife-less, kid-less, fun.

at some point, some cookies that i made got sent to a party. they got rave reviews, so since then i try to send some along. this time i decided on these:



i must say, these cookies were very labor intensive (would’ve helped if i had a paddle attachment for a standup mixer, instead of a spatula). it seems as though the only way i can make good cookies is if i make difficult ones, and LOTS of them (today, i made 6.5doz!! i mean 6doz, because that’s all that’s there now…;) ). you can find the recipe here: chocolate surprise cookies! i doubled the recipe, but had lots of filling left, so i had to make another single batch of the dough. i don’t know if i just wasn’t as generous as i should be with the filling, or what the “problem” was…

along with these cookies i also made a warm dip, inspired by this recipe:
buffalo chicken dip (aka crack dip)

i don’t have hot sauce, or blue cheese dressing, or crumbled blue cheese, or monterey jack (geez, this really is “inspired by”…).

i DID have chicken (although i used chicken breast instead of canned, guess i’m a snob), cream cheese, ranch, cheddar and marble cheese…and for fun i threw in some chili flakes, bacon bits, and mild tabasco…why not right?  sounds like a bit of a heart attack, but i’d eat it.

so, that’s my contribution to the LAN party weekend…cookies and crack dip! :P
have a good time, guys! :)

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